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Wash Face Before Applying

Before using Fortalex PT Eyelash Lengthener, wash face, remove makeup and other impurities before going to sleep. If you use contact lenses, remove them before applying.






Apply Fortalex PT Eyelash Lengthener to edge of the upper eyelid of your eyelashes, avoiding the corners of the eyes. Do not apply solution directly to eyes or in the lower eyelashes to avoid the excessive growth.





Remove Excess with Cotton Ball

Remove excess solution with a small cotton ball or a facial towel. Fortalex PT Eyelash Lengthener is 100% natural and uniquely made with exclusive ingredients from the Middle East.






Clinically Proven!

Eyelash Lengthener - 100% Money Back Guarantee


Fortalex PT - Eyelash Solution is a 100% natural eyelash lengthener, clinically proven to grow longer eyelashes. Fortalex PT Eyelash Solution is also clinically proven to grow eyebrows as well, making this eyelash lengthener exclusive and a definite must have for all women looking to grow longer eyelashes! Fortalex PT Eyelash Solution is an organic eyelash lengthener which reinforces the hair to obtain beautiful longer lashes. Finally, a safe and easy to use eyelash lengthener that works without side effects!





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